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Let Apex Bristol, Horsham or Philadelphia cut cost with replacement windows...
Posted: June 12, 2012 at 10:30am

Everyone is looking for a few ways to cut costs today whether it’s carpooling or more energy efficient appliances, but what about energy efficient windows? Often overlooked is the impact that windows have on our electric, heating and cooling bills. Reduce energy bills, stay warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer by replacing old windows with more modern, energy saving windows.


Also, bays or bows, casement, and sliders are available to suit your needs and desires. No longer do you have to deal with a boring, single paned window, choose a color that makes your room pop!

Not only are there plenty of style options, but there are different options of energy efficient glass. You can choose from double or triple pane glass, which will surely keep you cool this summer and warm next winter. The newest technology to glass is Krypton gas, which is added to the spaces between insulated glass and further helps to reduce the transfer of any heat.

Stay cooler as the weather heats up this spring with your new replacement windows. Enjoy more time inside with your family even on the hottest days without the worry of racking up a huge electric bill. If you live in Philadelphia, Bucks County or Montgomery County and you are ready to cut costs with more energy efficient windows, contact APEX Windows today! The experts in window replacements and energy efficiency Can help you....!!

What type of windows are you looking for from APEX replacement windows in Horsham, Bristol and Philadelphia?
Posted: May 15, 2012 at 12:00am

The Top 5 Types of Replacement Windows



If you’re researching window replacement for your existing home, you need to carefully consider your options. Mounted within the existing frame of your home, a new window has to be the right fit—literally.

You want to consider not only your window climate, but how a new window will give your house a facelift while still honoring the original style and spirit of your home. The wrong kind of window can do more harm than good. But when you get it right, new energy-efficient windows can save you hundreds every year as they help seal in your home’s heating and cooling and reflect or absorb sunlight.

According market search firm Freedonia Group Inc., the demand for replacement windows in the U.S. will rise 6.6 percent annually to reach $31.2 billion by 2014. This represents a rebound from 2004, and an increase in everyone’s focus on this corner of remodeling. Which means that now is a great time to view all of the many quality options being competitively produced—and a great time to hire a contractor to help you complete your renovation.


But for now—today—you can start by knowing the best window options for your home. Take a look at these 5 best replacement window types:

1. Arched Windows

Arched windows can add unique sophistication and individuality to your home. These are perfect for places where you want light and uniqueness but not necessarily ventilation. They look beautiful over a front doorway or above standard windows in a room with an extended ceiling.


2. Awning Windows

Hinged on top to open outward and upward, awning windows are considered more traditional, though they also fit in well with modern homes. Awning windows are often installed above doors for added ventilation. In a rainy climate, these windows reign superior. They can be opened to let in that fresh air while keeping out the rain. Because they are also affordable and easy to install, awnings are a great choice.

3. Bay Windows

Bay windows are under-appreciated. Providing a panoramic view of the exterior world, they can change the scale and shape of your home, as well as let in more natural sunlight. Normally a triptych of windows, the wide center window is usually bordered by narrower double-hung windows or casement windows.


4. Casement Windows

Casement windows are a favorite not only for their beauty, but easy maintenance. You often see casement windows in states like Pennsylvania , because they swing open wide and catch the passing fresh air. If you’re replacing many windows in a home, this is a great standard to go with.

5. Hopper Windows

Hinged on the bottom to tilt open at the top, hopper windows work with a crank handle to hold the open window in place. This is a great option to add ventilation over a door (where it is then called a “transom window”).



Check out apexwindows.com for all of your window needs!!

Apex windows in Bristol,Horsham and Philadelphia with tips on what to look for when buying replacement windows
Posted: May 10, 2012 at 9:20am

Customer Service and Replacement Windows: Can You Get Both

When buying new vinyl replacement windows from those large window companies beware of the headaches you will encounter with both the salesman and the price. Majority of all these companies use sub contractors to do there work. These are the same contractors  that will install a similar product for way less then the big companies are selling it for. Why not get estimates from your local contractor and have them buy the windows form APEX. save yourself some money!!! Below are some sales pitches that the big companies use...

I am often amazed when I start talking with prospective customers about their window replacement project and I hear the sales tactics that are still being used by other window companies peddling their wares. In an age where consumers have a wealth of information available, I am shocked to hear these companies are still employing tactics that were out dated twenty years ago.

If you have had any experience with replacement window sales pitches, you know what I am talking about. Here are a couple of tell tale signs that your replacement window consult could be more hokey pitch and less assessment of what your needs.

Heat lamp pitch – in an effort to display how the low e glass helps cut down on the heat, the rep will pull out a heat lamp or hair dryer and hold it against the glass. The goal here is to wow and amaze you with the performance of the glass. While this display is impressive, the truth is most manufactures today have some form of high performance glass that is going to give you maximum efficiency in its glass. The heat lamp display is a great way to physically show this, but simply researching the thermal performance of each window will tell you how it will perform. In my opinion the heat lamp demo is an insult to a consumer’s intelligence. Don’t let the shiny light fool you.

The price is only good today – this is one that really makes me shake my head. It is simple. After they have pitched their replacement windows for an hour, the pricing gets written up because after the heat lamp demo, you should just be itching to buy, right? Well now you have to endure the pricing game. Summary conversation:
Replacement window rep: “ok based on everything I see with your windows, you are looking at $20,000 to get this package tonight, I can write the order tonight”
Homeowner: “that is higher than what we are intending and we have other estimates to consider”
RWR: “well ok, since I noticed you are military, I am able to offer a $2000 discount on this order so we can do it for 18k. If you are ready to go”
Homeowner: thanks but we still want to consider the other options.
RWR: I understand. I really want to make sure you don’t miss this opportunity. If I can borrow your phone I can call my manager and see what we can do. (calls manager) Great news. The manager said if we can get the deal done today he is willing to give another $2000 on the project. However, this deal is today only. If I leave the pricing goes away. Can we do the deal?

You may read this and laugh, thinking it is not possible. It is. So the next time you are lining up replacement window companies prepare to run across a few of these pitches. Remember that there are others out there that are focused on finding the right replacement window for your home, not just giving you the pitch. Let the good guys in the door, you will be glad you did.


Apex Windows Bristol,Horsham and Philadelphia tips of the day.
Posted: May 1, 2012 at 10:25am

If you’re planning to purchase windows—or appliances, lighting, computers, or many other products—you’ve probably heard the term "ENERGY STAR" being tossed around. You may have been told that ENERGY STAR labeled products are more energy efficient and that they’ll help save you money on your home energy bills. But do you know what the ENERGY STAR program really is? Or what it means for a product to be ENERGY STAR qualified?


ENERGY STAR is a government/industry program designed to help consumers and businesses quickly and easily identify energy-efficient products that help save money and protect the environment for future generations.


In 1992, the EPA introduced ENERGY STAR as a voluntary labeling program designed to identify energy-efficient computers and monitors. Through 1995, EPA expanded the program to include additional office equipment, as well as residential heating and cooling products. In 1996, EPA partnered with the U.S. Department of Energy for specific product categories. It’s pretty amazing that the ENERGY STAR label is now displayed on over 40 product categories—everything from major appliances to office equipment, home lighting, home electronics, windows and more.


As for windows and doors, that specific ENERGY STAR program was created in 1999. Not all windows qualify for the ENERGY STAR label. They first must be tested by an independent laboratory to meet strict criteria pertaining to energy efficiency and light transmittance. The ratings they achieve differ because of variables such as the glass used, style, and product design and construction.


The benefits? ENERGY STAR labeled windows help reduce energy costs, increase a home’s comfort, and protect against UV damage. Plus, they’re better for the environment—because they reduce green house gas emissions—and for the country because they reduce the America’s dependency on foreign oil. More information on the program is available at www.energystar.gov


Need replacement windows look into Apex windows in Bucks county, Montgomery county and Philadelphia
Posted: April 30, 2012 at 10:30am

Most homeowners know that one of the biggest benefits of replacing older, less-efficient windows with newer, high-performance models is energy savings. Today’s APEX's  replacement windows are much more technologically advanced, and they’re better at reducing home energy usage and improving the comfort of homes.


However, many homeowners believe these energy savings occur primarily during the winter months—when new windows prevent furnaces from running so much. While it’s true that replacement windows can help lower energy bills in cold weather, energy-efficient windows are just as important during the summer months.


Surprised? It’s really very simple: The Low-E coatings that APEX uses in its windows that keep warm air inside during winter months also work in reverse—they reflect outside heat away from windows in warm weather. This keeps the inside of homes cooler and results in air conditioning units running much less. Voila—summer energy savings!


When considering new replacement windows, homeowners should ask to see the NFRC ratings for each model they’re considering. Depending upon what area of the country a home is located in, a window’s Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC) ratings can be important to consider. SHGC is pretty relevant to areas where warm weather prevails, because this value measures the heat from solar radiation that enters a building. A window with a good SHGC rating can really help reflect that outside heat away from homes and lower air conditioner usage and overall home energy bills.


APEX Replacement windows are a good value ANY time of year, and ANY place in the country. Windows with Low-E coatings are designed to improve home comfort and reduce energy usage—no matter what the weather is like outside!


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